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Knowledge Business Blueprint: Can the MindMint Software Really Make It Done?

The more than ¼ of a million attendees to the first-ever live cast of the Knowledge Business Blueprint is proof that many have positive thoughts on Tony Robins and Dean Graziosi’s online course. Considered by some as the best online course that was ever launched, the Knowledge Business Blueprint propagates the principle that every one of us has a power within, with exceptional talent and unique attributes that, when tapped to the fullest, is indeed capacitating. And when this happens, there is no way you will become the leader of your own mastermind group.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint online course has four main modules appropriately named Extract It, Fill It, Run It, and Knowledge Broker. All the modules consist of lessons, and these lessons have several trainings.

The MindMint software is said to be the central part and alpha brain of the whole Knowledge Business Blueprint principle. The following describes the features and importance of the software in your journey toward becoming the master of your own mastermind group.


Empowers You to Become the Group Leader

The KBB online course does not train you to become a follower, a loyal supporter, or an active member of a group. It gives you ideas on how to operate and set goals for your mastermind group. By doing so, you will realize at the end of the day that you are not only empowered with all the bright ideas, but you have become a leader of your mastermind group. And when you are on top of the game, no one will ever dislodge you from that position because you have become the key to your mastermind groups’ success.

Acts as Your Personal Assistant

The software is also devised to help you with many other things that you might as well call it as your digital personal assistant. Unlike its predecessors used by mastermind groups in the past like Skype, Google Hangout, and Zoom, this modern software technology is packed with many functions. It can consolidate all your expenses with built-in CRM to track and charge customers. It can formulate events, customize each activity, and prepares checklists so that you will not miss on details in your events. 

The MindMint software can also help you build your website and integrate it with other websites and applications, as well.

online seminarHelps You with Your Marketing Strategies

By integrating the MindMint software with all the lessons you learned and all the trainings that you have gone through, you will be able to decipher the right people you will be working with and how to market your ideas to them. 

Honestly, when you are packed with the right ideas, you will know how to strategize and set the direction of where your group is headed for, and that is nowhere else but towards the road to success.

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