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Top Benefits of Gmail Fax Services

Google, through Gmail, offers a convenient, easier, affordable, and quick method for receiving and sending faxes. That has been made possible with evolving technology in the communication industry. According to gmailfaxpro.com, it is now possible to use your Gmail to send free faxes in a wide range of formats. This eliminates the worry and stress involved with the use of fax machines.

communication methodsUnlike the traditional way of faxing, Google Mail allows you to receive and send fax messages across the web. You are required to have a valid Gmail account and an online fax provider. After subscribing to the fax provider, the email address is automatically synchronized to start sending and receiving faxes. A lot of people have embraced this technology because of the many benefits it has to the users.

No Fax Machine

There is no need for spending a lot of money purchasing a fax machine when you can use Gmail to send and receive faxes. The most important thing is to have an active Gmail account and choose a reliable online fax service provider. Although this is not good news to fax machine manufacturers, it is quite beneficial to users and businesses.


This is another benefit of using Gmail to send and receive faxes. The method is quite cheaper as compared to the traditional method of faxing. It is not a must to purchase a fax machine, toners, papers, and other tools. You can send and receive fax messages on your Gmail account. Nowadays, you can find online fax service providers who allow new users to send faxes for free for a given period.

File Format Conversion

sending a faxWhen it comes to Gmail faxing, you can easily convert a wide range of files to the required fax image format. However, this cannot be done by traditional faxing. Thus, you can continue sending and receiving fax messages and convert them to the format you want. For instance, you can convert any fax into PDF for easier reading on a computer and printing. The process is quite easy, faster, and cheaper as compared to traditional faxing.


The truth is that Gmail provides a convenient, hassle-free way of sending faxes than the traditional method. For instance, to send a fax through a traditional method, you need to be near a fax machine. Fortunately, with changes in email technology, you can easily send and receive your faxes from the comfort of your home. You only need a computer connected with internet.

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