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Three Major Benefits of a Pallet Racking Auditing

Any warehouse worker who has completed their training knows the importance of pallet racking auditing for a warehouse storage’s infrastructure. A stable and robust racking system can help a warehouse operation run like clockwork by providing extra space and clearing pathing to maximize its efficiency. It is of the utmost importance that we check the pallet racking for any wear or tear from aging or sloppy installation that could result in wobbly, unbalanced, and insecure pallet racking foundation that could lead to their collapse, causing massive financial and material loss and workers’ injury. With that as the premise, let’s see the benefits of pallet racking auditing:

Early Problem Detection


Like the old adage, people don’t appreciate what they have until they are gone, and it applies to taking care of the warehouse pallet racking. Because they are always there, we don’t pay much attention to them even though they require an inspection from time to time to check for any problems like wear, tear, and other damages to be resolved quickly and effectively before they cause an accident. 

It only sounded bad when the word accident is uttered, but why must we wait until the damage has been done? In the warehouse operation’s world, taking a prophylactic measure is always best than trying to fix the problem because they could slow down the whole operation. By scheduling pallet racking inspection, we are minimizing the accident rate and saving maintenance costs altogether.

Complying with the Health and Safety Work Act

Safe Workers

Warehouse workers know that pallet racking is considered working equipment; therefore, it is justified to schedule proper and regular maintenance. This guideline serves as enforcing rules and is also our safety line to prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace that could cost a lot of money to fix and risk the lives and well-being of the warehouse workers. By scheduling a pallet racking inspection, we comply with the health and safety work guideline and protect the warehouse workers’ safety.

Building a Safe Brand Image

Happy EmployeesA good warehouse should be free from accidents and problems. They are expected to run like a well-oiled machine and meet people’s expectations without causing any worries or anxiety. Having a safe and secure racking system ensures that the warehouse is safe for operation, and it boosts the workers’ morale to work efficiently. A troubled staff will not produce good work, and it doesn’t have to come from the staff themselves, but an unsafe workplace could cause it. 

Remember that words have power, and your staff members can say a lot of positive things about the warehouse should they be secure and professional. Imagine what the customers and business clients would say when word gets around about your business’s safe brand image?

Why Students Fail ACT and How to Avoid It

Getting very low ACT score can be very disappointing, especially if you have always been a high achiever. However, this should not worry you as it is common among many students. Fortunately, there are tactics you can use to help improve your ACT score.

Even the most intelligent students sometimes end up failing in ACTs. Knowing how to approach the tests effectively can be crucial in helping you pass. Taking an Online ACT Prep Course can be one of the best ways to get ready. In this article, we cover the common reasons why students fail ACTs and how it can be avoided.

Inadequate Preparation

inadequate preparationIf you do not prepare well for an ACT, you might be in shock during the test day when you encounter questions you are not familiar with. You then become very anxious, losing track of time and even end up not answering all the questions. Sometimes your studying methods can fail you too. You can think that you are good at a subject only to be disappointed later during the test.

You can avoid this by allocating enough time to study, covering all the subjects that are tested. You can consider taking online prep courses on your weak areas. Make sure you take practice tests on the ACT standards to gauge how good you are.


Constantly achieving high scores in normal school tests is not a guarantee that you will pass the ACT. Unfortunately, many students do not know this. School tests may not be of the same standard as the ACTs. Students walk into the exam room confident but end up getting confused by the nature in which the ACT questions are framed.

To avoid this, have at the back of your mind, that ACT is an exam of a different level. Take your time understanding how the ACT questions are framed to avoid getting confused on the test day. Study hard and take more practice tests to get used with how the questions are usually set.

Poor Time Management

timetable for managing timeTime management can affect your ACT scores in two ways. First, if you do not properly allocate your time during your study periods, you can end up missing on some important content. Second, in the exam room, you can end up not answering all the questions if you do not manage your time properly. The questions are timed, and spending too much time on one or a few questions can cost you.

Consider creating a study timetable and stick to it to overcome this problem of poor time management. Make sure you allocate more time on your weak subjects. Taking more ACT practice tests can help you effectively manage your time during the actual test.

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