Roger Smith

Just another killing in a country where murder is a national pastime . . .

Wealth insulates Michael Lane and his family from South Africa’s violent crime epidemic until trouble comes from within the high walls of their Cape Town mansion one night when his teenage son commits an act of unspeakable savagery. Lane, joining his wife in a desperate lie to protect their boy—a lie involving the sacrifice of an innocent—encounters no opposition from cops and courts burdened by chaos and corruption, but he sets in motion a bloody train of revenge and retribution that threatens to destroy him and everything he loves.


"Roger Smith is the crime genre's greatest tragedian and Sacrifices might just be his masterpiece. The downfall of these characters is especially Shakespearean." Spinetingler Magazine

"Validates Smith's reputation as a master of suspense, setting the reader on a trip so pacey and shocking that you're afraid to put the book down." Sunday Times

"Perceptive, bloody and gut-wrenching. Another brilliantly crafted piece of noir from Roger Smith."

"Brilliant writing. A fascinating, very sophisticated and very dark story." Radio 702

"Violent and brilliant! It's Crime and Punishment in South Africa." Le Monde (France)

"A frightening thriller. Machiavellian until the very last line." Le Figaro (France)

"A portrait of a country corrupted by violence in all its forms: political, racial, economic, psychological." Libération (France)

"A whirlwind of death and vengeance. Breathless!" Advantages (France)

"A mercilessly moral image of South African society. Purgatory with sea views. This thriller bites like a pit bull." Kölnische Rundschau (Germany)

"One's own sense of justice is put to the test. Smith blurs the boundaries between good and evil and shatters the stereotypes of rich and poor." Aachener Zeitung (Germany)

"Using a dysfunctional family as a lens, Sacrifices examines the ills of South African society. A thriller that is both brutal and subtle." Sonntagszeitung  (Switzerland) Crime Novel of the Month

"An excellent, violent crime thriller with real depth." Der Standard  (Austria)

"Smith writes coolly and with grace about unspeakable horror." The Argus

"In the complex dynamics of South Africa today this is a shockingly credible scenario." The Citizen

"So satisfying drawn, a tragedy in which we watch, compelled, the destruction of lives that crash amidst deception and guilt." Cape Times

"The ending hits with a chill, proving that Smith writes with ice in his veins." City Press

"Compulsive reading. Smith plots his tale with a master's hand, ensnaring the reader, drawing them in and enhancing his growing reputation as one of the best thriller writers around." The Gamblers Blog

"Through Smith's eyes, South Africa becomes a noir dystopia where life is cheap and tragedy spares no one.  His bleakest, most twisted and very best novel yet." Dead End Follies